Since 2001 I am responsible for mastering production for all Invasion releases.

I do the CD / vinyl / digital mastering for AMBASSADOR21, SUICIDE INSIDE and all other albums released on Invasion, do the mastering for another artists and labels, like Industrial Strength Records, for example. I work in my own studio and use high resolution professional equipment to make your music sound awesome.

We can discuss next 1000 years what the mastering process is, but  I love deep aggressive hard sound and I know exactly how to get it.

The audio mastering is the final stage in the production process and ensures that the music fits together seamlessly and that it is presented with the best possible sound.

In the other words, it should sound awesome.

What can I do?


  • Raise the overall level
  • Even out song levels and EQ individual tracks for cohesion
  • Dynamic compression
  • Correct minor mix deficiencies with equalization
  • Enhance flow by changing the space between tracks
  • Eliminate noises between tracks
  • Make your music sound great on any sound system (this is a target, isn’t it?)
  • Bit/sample rate conversion
  • Generate the master for CD / vinyl / digital release
  • Create DDP master file


For any questions about mastering contact me.